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What To Expect At Your Visits


Your First Visit

On your first visit, you will be welcomed to our clinic in a positive and helpful manner.  After signing in at the front desk, a complete Intake and Health History Form will be provided for completion (or can be done prior by printing and completing it before your visit).  


Once completed, you will be taken into the Rehabiliation Centre of the clinic to meet with Dr. Babakhani. 

Most patients, depending on their initial complaint, or if they are there for a spinal check, will have a Surface EMG performed (NASA created technology that emits no harmful radiation but can retrieve signals from the body such as muscle spasms or subluxations). Dr. Babakhani will then do a full history and assessment of the affected area, including a range of motion test, and functional abilities test. 


After the examination is complete, you may or may not be sent for X-Rays. If you are, there is no additional cost, and they will be diagnosed and read by the doctor before your next visit. If you have recently taken X-Rays of the area of complaint, if possible, please bring them to your visit. You will retrieve this form from the front desk, where your follow-up appointment is scheduled.


Length of Visit: 25-45 minutes


Your Second Visit

Your findings of your X-Rays are presented to you with a diagnosis of the doctor's findings. At this point atreatment may, or may not be offered depending on the type of injuries found. This is a great opportunity for you and the doctor to discuss the findings further, as he will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Depending on your individual case, you may be offered a treatment  if the issue is not too severe, otherwise a third appointment is then set-up for the presentation of an individualized health care plan.


Length of Visit: 30-45 minutes, family or couple appointments may take up to 60 minutes


Your Third Visit

At the third visit, we encourage your spouse, parents, or significant other to attend, to understand the diagnosis of your issue. A care plan is presented with an explanation of the intensive care, corrective care, or maintenance treatment you will be receiving.  You will be given an opportunity to receive a first or second treatment, while being shown a series of exercises to do pre and post treatment. A home care kit is provided, with detailed instructions and videos for home exercises. 


Length of Visit:  20-40 minutes


Regular Visits

Fast and Easy. You will sign in at the front desk, and if you are on a care plan, you will go right into the rehab room where you will be able to do your pre and post treatment stretches. The doctor will come and treat you, and you will continue to maximize your body's ability to function at 100%. 


Length of Visit:  Manual Adjustments: 5-15 minutes

                                   Acupuncture, Laser, Decompression Therapy: 5-15 minutes each

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