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Chiropractic Care


A well aligned spine is vital to our overall health. As it protects the Central Nervous System, and allows for the nerves to extend out to its necessary organ, muscle, tissue, etc, 


Subluxations, or misaligned of the spine, can cause many health ailments that can easily be avoided, or repaired, through spinal manipulation. If the spine becomes misaligned, pressure can be put on the nerve that can effect the ability of the connected organ to work properly and completely. 


Subluxations can be due to many causes such as poor posture, car accidents, text neck, computer work, the birthing process, and slips and falls. People associate spinal issues with pain, but usually pain is the last symptom that arises when something is wrong. 
At Innova Chiropractic, we provide a full spinal health exams with detailed findings and measurements that will allow us to create the individualized care that you require. Structural Change  is our specialty, and we believe that preventative care is the most important health care you can provide for yourself and loved ones. Structural change is the gradual and gentle movement of the spine back to where it should be. Over time with treatment, the lost curvature will return.

X-Ray Review
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To learn more detail about your first appointment, please visit our What To Expect At Your First Visit page.

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