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Custom Made Orthotics and Compression Stockings

Foot, ankle, knee pain, and low back pain are all too common and something many people deal with. Custom molded Orthotics are created to benefits the mechanics of feet, ankle and leg bones to ensure proper alignment and rid the pain most suffer with on a daily basis.  


Orthotics are for recommended for most professions, and children as young as 3 should be assessed regularly to ensure normal development. 


Orthotics are recommended for:

  • Those who suffer from Foot, ankle, knee or low back pain

  • People with diabetes

  • People with arthritis

  • Children with feet/issues walking

  • Those who would like additional support and ultimate comfort


Orthotics are usually covered by most insurance providers and we would be happy to check your coverage during your visit. Please ensure you bring your insurance information with you. 


Compression Stockings

To  help increase blood flow in the legs, stockings can help with blood clots, spider veins, post surgery, and much more.

We customize stockings to fit you perfectly.

Compression Stockings
Custom Made Orthotics
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